Infinity love spoon necklace


Hearts Entwined Infinity Spoon Necklace

Embrace your special love with a centuries-old tradition beautifully displayed with exquisite artistry. The carving spoon from the country of Wales is symbolic of romance. This delightful spoon is fashioned into other noteworthy components, making this drop pendant and chain an heirloom.

About the Design

This distinctive spoon is elegantly woven into a double infinity symbol, emphasizing the unbreakable bond and affection between two people. Two shiny hearts and a heart halo give this filigree pendant a past, present, and future style, celebrating all of life’s chapters together. Keep the happiest moments close to your heart with this enchanting spoon, reflecting the creativity of this memorable design and the deeper cultural meaning.


Material: Sterling Silver
Size of pendant: 35mm x 10mm (not including buckle)
Size of chain width: 1mm
Length of chain: 45+5cm
Finish: Polished

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Infinity love spoon necklace